We are pleased to announce that LOTOS has been appointed the Gold Partner of the European Navigation Conference.
LOTOS is a Polish capital group whose business is of strategic importance to the domestic and European energy security, as well as to Poland’s economy. It produces natural gas and crude oil in Poland, Norway and Lithuania. It owns a refinery in Gdańsk, one of Europe’s most advanced oil refining plants, where crude oil is mostly processed into high-quality fuels, including the LOTOS Dynamic premium brand.

LOTOS also operates a chain of close to 500 petrol stations conveniently located at motorways and expressways, in all large cities and many municipalities countrywide. As a retailer and wholesaler of fuels, it has nearly a one-third market share at home. It is also Poland’s second largest railway carrier. LOTOS is a leading manufacturer of road bitumens, motor oils and lubricants for cars, aircraft, rolling stock, vessels, as well as military vehicles.