Instruction for Authors

Oral Presentation

  • Oral presenters are asked for planning a 15 minute presentation of their paper.
  • An additional 5 minutes are scheduled for introduction, discussion, questions and changeover between presentations.

Presentation delivery and upload

We recommend to provide presentation in advance.
The upload of the presentation could be made by bringing an USB stick with the final presentation to the Conference Secretariat (in the conference venue). The presentations will be distributed to the conference rooms by the organizers.

You may also send your presentation before the conference. Please follow the instructions below:

  • via File Mail [the receiver’s address should be:]. Once the file is sent and downloaded, you will get a notification.
    This is strongly recommended especially if your presentation contains videos or animations and needs to be checked.

Please save you presentation with your name and date/time of presentation as follows: 10 April 12:00 Smith, not just the name of the conference. This will prevent any confusion when loading the presentation on the computer.


File Format
The projection system supports 4:3 and 16:9 screen format.
Oral Presenters can prepare their presentations in PowerPoint 2013 for PC computer or compatible. Alternatively PDF files will be accepted. You may also prepare a presentation in Keynote, however please remember to bring your own computer.
For your convenience, you may use the .ppt/.key presentation template.

Preparing Your Media for Onsite Presentation

  • Save your files to a CD-ROM, USB Storage Device
  • If you create a CD, make sure that you close or “finalize” your session. If you omit this step, you cannot access the CD from any other computer
  • When building your presentation, make sure that you include any external files utilized in the same folder as your presentation (i.e., movie files)
  • When creating your media for transportation, copy the entire folder to the disk
  • Remember to make a back-up copy of your files and transport it in a separate piece of luggage


  • JPG images are the preferred file format for inserted images
  • Images inserted into PowerPoint are embedded into the presentation
  • Images that are created at a setting higher than 75 dpi are not necessary and will only increase the size of your presentation
  • If necessary you can use music, however please announce it well in advance


  • It is imperative that you check your movies if your presentation contains video files
  • Please be aware of the size of your video files. In most cases, lower resolution video files are very effective.
  • While we try to support as many PC video formats as possible, we can only accept movies under the following conditions:

a) please take steps to compress your videos. Uncompressed videos will take longer to upload and will not be better quality than a modern MPEG-4 codec
b) we can only accept movies created as MPGs, WMVs, or with the following AVI codecs: MPEG-4 (Divx, Xvid, WMVs)
c) Apple Quicktime formats such as MOV, QT, MP4, or DV files are NOT supported in Windows PowerPoint

Poster presentation

  • Poster paper material must fit in a space of DIN A0 (84 cm wide and 119 cm high). The poster session area will be set up with poster-boards that are 2,5m high and 1m width. Fixings to attach the posters will be available.
  • The author(s) will provide all poster papers. Please ensure that your posters are readable at a distance of at least 2 metres.
  • Posters must be on dispaly before the start of the poster session and an author must be present during the entire session.

A short author’s biography

  • for presenting authors – please send a short biography through email to: Alternately, you may submit a written biography to the registration desk at the conference venue.
  • Please meet the chairperson before your session starts. The chairperson may require some information for introduction.

Abstract Guidelines

Topics list

click for details

Language of the conference is English.

The paper may be accepted for an oral or a poster presentation. The decision of the presentation format will be made by the Scientific Committee, based on the comments from the peer reviews.

The conference materials will include abstracts submitted before abstracts submission deadline.

The full papers will be published in:

  • IEEE Xplore Digital Library


  • the Annual of Navigation.

All papers will be reviewed by two reviewers

Each manuscript is reviewed by at least two independent reviewers from outside the institutions of the authors’ affiliation; a double-blind review process is practiced, i.e. the reviewers do not know the identities of the authors.

Affiliation of the reviewers must be in the other institution than authors’ institution and if it is possible one of them from another country than the nationality of the authors of the manuscript.

One participant is allowed to submit one abstract. Submission of additional abstracts will cost 500 PLN +VAT for each item.

AUTHOR KIT for publish in IEEE Xplore Digital Library:

The submission of a full-paper should be prepared in two-column format, maximum of 12 pages according Conference-template-A4.doc

Copyright notice
Add the copyright notice to the bottom of the first page of your source document (left aligned).
•    For papers in which all authors are employed by the US government, the copyright notice is: U.S. Government work not protected by U.S. copyright
•    For papers in which all authors are employed by a Crown government (UK, Canada, and Australia), the copyright notice is: 978-1-5386-9473-2/19/$31.00 ©2019 Crown
•    For papers in which all authors are employed by the European Union, the copyright notice is: 978-1-5386-9473-2/19/$31.00 ©2019 European Union
•    For all other papers the copyright notice is: 978-1-5386-9473-2/19/$31.00 ©2019 IEEE

Preparing final pdf with IEEE PDF eXpress
The paper must be re-submitted even if the reviewers indicated that no change is required, since the final pdf version should be IEEE PDF eXpress compatible. To prepare IEEE PDF eXpress compatible files:
Go to IEEE PDF eXpress Website ( Click on the link „New Users – Click Here” and fill in your information.
1.    Create IEEE PDF eXpress account (conference ID: 45918X) (or login with your old email/password and conference ID: 45918X).
2.    IEEE PDF eXpress account will be available to March 31, 2019
Use IEEE PDF eXpress to convert your source file into IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF(s). The site contains extensive instructions, resources, helpful hints, and access to technical support.
3.    Submit the converted file at our online submission system.

Copyright Form
IEEE policy requires that prior to publication all authors or their employers must transfer to the IEEE in writing any copyright they hold for their individual papers. More information about Copyright Form will be send on email as soon as possible.

AUTHOR KIT for publish in the Annual of Navigation

The paper(s) will be published under following conditions:

  • two sucessful reviews – according to the Annual of Navigation reviewing procedure (see below)
  • participant’s registration fee has been paid and oral or poster presentation has been addressed

The papers will be available on the Annual of Navigation website after the conference.
The authors are kindly requested to observe the following rules when preparing the manuscripts intended to be published in the Annual of Navigation:

  • Use editor Word for Windows
  • Use font New Roman for the whole text, font size 11 points
  • For the title use the font size of 12 points bold
  • For the subtitles use the font size of 11 points bold
  • The title and subtitles should be written in capital letters and centred
  • The title should be followed by first name(s) and family name(s) of the author(s) and his (their) affiliation (all centred)
  • The figures should be numbered below the figures and caps left. For example:  3. Text of explanation
  • The size of figures should be less then 13x19cm including legend
  • The legend of figures and tables should be written font size 10 points
  • Tables should be numbered over it and caps left: For example: Table 3. Title of the table
  • Formulas should be written with using of the Microsoft Equation 3.0
  • Bibliography should be ordered alphabetically as follows: 
Family name of author, first letter of first name, title of publication, name of the publication for journals or conferences and number, name of publisher, the year and place.
For example:
1) Kowalski A., Malinowski Z. World Marine Economy. The Naval Institute Proceedings no 3, Naval Institute Press, Washington 1995.
2) Popov K. Atmosfernoe davlenie i rasprostranenie radiovoln. Radio i sviaz, St. Petrsburg, 1992.
  • Quotation in the text by giving the name and year of publication in square brackets, e.g. [Kowalski, 1995]
  • Format of the sheet: 18,2 cm width and 25.7 cm high
  • Margins: top – 3 cm, bottom – 2.5 cm, left and right – 2 cm.


  • The paper may be accepted for an oral or a poster presentation. The decision of the presentation format will be made by the program committee, based on the comments from the peer reviews.
  • For each accepted paper an author or co-author must register and pay due registration fee before the paper can be presented. Only accepted, registered and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings and submitted to IEEE Xplore Digital Library or  „Annual of Navigation”.
  • All enquiries regarding abstracts should be emailed to: Please be informed that the abstracts without participant’s registration will not be considered. If you did not registered yet, please do it now