General Information

About Poland

Poland is located in the central part of Europe, it has 7 neighbors altogether on the east, west and south side and its north border is natural, the Baltic Sea.

Geography of the country is very diversified. While on the north Poland has a long sea line, the southern part is mountainous. North-east is known as Masurian Lake District – one of the most touristic spots on the map of Poland. Center of Poland is a vast lowland which once was one of the main trade routes in the world before the time of great discoveries began. Still it has great importance for European trade relations.

Rich history of Poland may be reflected in the number of people that are recognized all over the world. In the field of science Poland can be proud of such scientists like Nicolaus Copernicus or Marie Sklodowska, known better as Maria Curie.

Travel to Warsaw

Warsaw is located in the heart of Europe. Europe’s one of most accessible city connected with the world via two international airports and a fast rail network.

  • Direct flights from more than 130 global locations operate by 45 airlines
  • High-speed train connections across Europe

Visit to Warsaw is an exceptional experience. No matter if you are here as a tourist, businessman or a scientist you will surely find yourself amazed by the diversity of architecture, people and places. Warsaw is a city of beautiful but also sometimes cruel history and there are many symbols which represent different times and traditions. Main symbol is the Mermaid of Warsaw – referring to the legend of settling the city in the Middle Ages. Other significant mention can be Frederick Chopin – as a worldwide recognized composer and pianist born in Warsaw. In 2010 Poland celebrated The Chopin Year, 200th anniversary of artist’s birthday.

Arriving by air

Warsaw offers huge international appeal thanks to the best transport links in Europe.

Delegates can access Warsaw via direct flights from cities across the globe. Most of Europe’s principal cities are within two-hour flight. You’ll also find a vast selection of low-cost airlines can connect the Europe to your event in Warsaw.

Visitors can reach Warsaw via 2 international airports which collectively handled over 12 million passengers in 2014

Airport Connections

Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) boasts excellent connections to the City Centre The fastest route to central Warsaw is 25 minutes on the trains, departing every 20 minutes. An alternative travel option is via bus #175

Warsaw Modlin Airport (WMI) brings visitors into the north of the City. is one of Europe’s fastest growing
airport. It takes 50 minutes to reach central Warsaw by train or 60 min by coach.

Arriving by train

Warsaw provides direct train connections to: Berlin (6h), Prague (8h), Vienna (8h), Budapest (9h), Minsk (10h), Moscow (18h)

There are also fast connections with the Pendolino trains, which make tours to other major cities in Poland very convenient: Kraków (2,5h), Poznań (3h), Gdańsk (3h), Wrocław (3,5h)

The connections are operated by PKP Intercity (Poland’s largest rail operator). Tickets can be bought online. The prices vary from 60 PLN to 150 PLN. Check the timetable and find connection.